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Yoga and Functional Movement



My name is Kylie O'Connor. I moved to Colorado from Louisiana in 2018. I have three beautiful fur babies. I love all things outdoors and spend as much time as I can having adventures in the mountains.

   I was introduced to yoga when I was twelve and in all honesty... it was far from my favorite thing. However, that introduction planted a seed that stuck with me.

   My first glimpse of teaching was at age nineteen when I volunteered to teach a yoga elective for a youth summer camp. The minute I stepped in front of my first class it was as though something just clicked. I was hooked. 

   When I was twenty-three I got my first certification through YogaFit and over the next year my desire for deeper understanding continued to grow. I decided to start my journey to 200 RYT in 2014 with Louisiana Yoga and Paddle. Under Courtney's guidance my practice began to grow and develop in ways I didn't know were possible.  The following year I completed my 500 RYT and have since set out to specialize in mobility-based vinyasa. 

   I am passionate about being able to help my students discover better movement and begin to understand their bodies on a deeper level. 

   My yoga practice has given me so much. Not only on a physical level, but the ability to learn about myself and love that person. I believe that yoga practice provides us the opportunity to understand our patterning and learn to find inspiration and growth within ourselves.  




Strength & Healing

Flexibility is your body's range of motion at a particular joint. Mobility is the amount of control you have over that motion at end range. 
Mobility is "...the ability to get all the way in AND all the way out of a pose". (Jon Yuen)
It is having integrity in movement. It is ease in a range of motion.
Mobility allows our joints and tissues to become resilient and strong. It allows us to approach movement from a more educated perspective. 
"When a student understands what a movement is supposed to be doing for their body, they can move more intuitively to accomplish these goals." 
-Cecily Milne, founder of The Yoga Detour


My Teaching Approach

Vinyasa yoga is my first love. The opportunity for creativity provides the perfect space for functional movement. 

  My teaching style is about increasing confidence in practice by increasing range of motion and understanding of the way our bodies are intended to move. 

  I believe a  balanced movement practice helps us to FEEL better in our day to day lives.

Better movement = Better life

Misty Woodland

"Inner peace doesn’t necessarily mean that you are free of hollow spaces or that life is always pleasant, but that no matter what happens, you trust yourself to persevere, that you have total confidence in your capability to confront life’s difficulties and ultimately overcome them."

Beau Taplin



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